HATDeX Platform Documentation

Robust infrastructure to quickly build scalable applications with legally transparent data transactions.

Get Started

There are a few ways to get started on the platform:

  1. HATDeX solutions: One place to learn about our solutions and how they can be leveraged to solve business problems.

  2. Quick start: Prefer learning by doing? Short instructions on how to get yourself a HAT and start playing with the APIs in the sandbox

  3. Recipes: Accomplish common tasks such as user authentication, data manipulation and data acquisition

  4. Explore the vast possibilities offered by HATDeX platform by immersing yourself into the various sections of HAT docs:

    • Guides: Dive deep into HAT APIs to become a platform expert.

    • HAT and HATDeX Technology: High level HAT (Microserver) and HATDeX (platform) architecture and what makes it special.

    • API Reference: Detailed API documentation.

    • Smart HAT Engine: Build algorithms that can be safely run on the most sensitive private data.

    • Contributing (coming soon): Find out more about HAT community and how you can contribute to the data ecosystem (r)evolution (coming soon).

    • FAQ Section (coming soon): Getting your head around distributed systems is never straightforward. It's likely the question you might have have already been asked and answered ;)

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