Data Debits

HAT Data Debits are the cornerstone of the permission-based data contracts platform. Since the rights to the HAT database are fully owned by the HAT owner, any data acquisition from the database would require permission and when given, a legitimate contract must be agreed upon. This is not the same as consent. The HAT Data Debit process flow enforces a strictly-defined format defining the specific data requested for the user to review and confirm. Once the data-sharing permissions are given, the contract between the HAT owner and the application provider is logged and Data Debits becomes the only way data can be retrieved from the HAT by anyone other than the owner.

The general process of retrieving data using a Data Debit is:

  1. Propose a Data Debit including the Data Bundle specification to a HAT
  2. The HAT owner sees the Data Debit as an unapproved request, reviews it and approves it by confirming it. HATDeX Platform logs the contract and the Data Debit becomes enabled
  3. Request Data Debit values from the HAT
  4. Optional: If any changes are required to the Data Debit request, submit a request to update it, go back to step 2
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